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ARTYRA Studio- Art by Aleksandra Kalinic


Painting and making one of a kind jewellery are my passions. 

Painting is a powerful way to grow inside, communicate, explore and be free. Through my paintings I get to know myself and the world better and strive to share with the viewer the joy, passion, excitement and freedom I find while painting. The perfect buttery quality of oil paint inspires me to do sgraffito, technique which allows you to 'draw' by scratching the layer of wet paint. When I take the brush or pallet knife and start painting, it feels like a deep conversation about life between me and my canvas using the language of colour. For me, painting old towns, houses, roofs, windows is a special kind of traveling. In some quiet, unobtrusive way they hide so many different lives and destinies and, in a way, have a life on their own. I am inspired by charming places I have visited, or would like to visit. Using bold and playful palette I strive to create poetic work filled with life, tenderness and a dose of hidden nostalgia and childlike imagination. I want to create the place where everything is connected in some beautiful way.

With artistic approach and curiosity I strive to create unique jewelry that looks ancient yet modern, raw yet sophisticated, bold and delicate, which will for wearer be something special.

All of my work is handmade by me through all stages of jewellery making process and each piece is one of a kind.

My jewellery is hand fabricated from sterling silver using various traditional jewelry techniques such as fusing, reticulation, soldering, hammering. I use 18K and 14K gold as an accents. I also add gold to my pieces using technique Keum-boo, the ancient Korean art of applying 24K gold foil to the silver. Significant part of my jewellery is my miniature paintings in vitreous enamel, which are set in hand-fabricated silver ‘frames’. Enameling techniques used are sifting, painting, sgraffito, gold foil and enamels fired in the kiln many times. Vitreous enamel on metal enables me to transform my love for painting into wearable art.




* Belgrade Art University, Faculty Of Applied Arts, degree in ceramics, 2001, Serbia
* Jewellery Techniques Course, Vancouver Community College, 2009, Canada

* American Fine Craft Show NYC- Javits Center, New York City, NY, 2013
* ArtFest Spokane, WA, 2013
* Circle Craft Christmas Market-Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, Vancouver BC, 2010, 2006, 2005

* "Canvas Unbound"- Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2017
* "Painting on the Edge" - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2016
* "Icon"- Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2016

"Culture"- Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2016
* "Canvas Unbound"- Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2016
* "Muse"- Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2015
* "Canvas Unbound" - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2015
* "Landscapes"-Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2015
* "Digital Imagery" Exhibition- Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2014
* "The Earring Show"- Craft Council of BC Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2014
* Christmas Boutique- Place Des Arts, Coquitlam, BC, 2010, 2009, 2007
* “In the Palm of a Hand”- BC-Tajimi (Japan) Exchange Exhibit- Potters Guild of BC, Vancouver, BC, 2006
* BC-Tajimi Exchange Exhibit- Tajimi Creative Plaza, Tajimi, Japan, 2005
* "BC in a Box”- Traveling Exhibition, BC , 2005
* ”Threads”- Solo Exhibition, Blackberry Gallery, Port Moody, BC, 2004
* ”Exhibition of the Faculty of Applied Arts”- Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004
* Artzept Exhibition “Cup 2004”- Hilton Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic, Traveling Exhibition , 2004
* “Canadian Handmade Products Exhibition”- Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, 2003
* The Third International Triennial Of Ceramics “Cup 2003”- Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, Serbia , 2003
* “Blackberry Heritage Holidays Exhibit”- Port Moody Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC, 2003
* “Place Des Arts Annual Miniature Exhibition”- Place des Arts, Coquitlam, BC, 2003
* “The 2003 Sydney Teapot Show”- Inner City Clayworks Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2003
* “The First International Biennial of Contemporary Mosaic for Museum”- Association Cultural Rumbo, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003
* “33rd May Exhibition 2001” - Museum “25.Maj”, Belgrade, Serbia , 2001
* “7th Belgrade Mini Art Scene” - Gallery “Singidunum”, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000
* The Second International Triennial Of Ceramics “Cup 2000” - Museum of the Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000
* “The World of Ceramics” - The Exhibit Hall “Knjaz Milos”, Arandjelovac, Serbia, 2000
* “Graduates’ 2000” - Museum of the Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000
* “6th Belgrade Mini Art Scene” - Gallery “Singidunum”, Belgrade, Serbia, 1999
* Traditional Exhibition “Cup” - Gallery “Mala Galerija”, Belgrade, Serbia, 1999
* “The Fifth International Biennial of Miniature Arts”- Cultural Center, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, 1998
* Traditional Exhibition “Cup” - Gallery “Mala Galerija”, Belgrade, Serbia, 1998
* “5th Belgrade Mini Art Scene” - Gallery “Singidunum”, Belgrade, Serbia, 1998

* Third Place Award at the Exhibition Landscapes, Federation of Canadian Artists, 2015
* “Mention To the Cultural Identity”-The First International Biennial of Contemporary Mosaic,
San Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003
* “Ulupuds” Award (Award of the Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia), exhibition “Graduates’ 2000”, Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000

* 27th International Festival "The World of Ceramics", Arandjelovac, Serbia, 2000

* Craft Council Of BC
* Active member of Federation Of Canadian Artists
* Circle Craft Association
* Society Of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)